NSO Software

Simrad-Yachting is pleased to announce new software enhancements to the Simrad NSO Offshore multifunction device. Delivering unmatched navigation, angling and communications benefits; the Simrad NSO Version 1.3 software continues to provide best-in-class integration, innovation, and ease of use.

Please read the Installation Instructions before upgrading your unit.

Features & Enhancements:

  • 4G Broadband Radar Advanced Feature Support:
    • 48 RPM
    • Adjustable Target Separation Control (Beam Sharpening)
    • Noise Rejection Control
  • Easy Access Radar Transmit Function
  • Volvo IPS Autopilot compatibility with award-winning NSE Autopilot integration
  • Custom Echosounder range settings to focus on precise fishing depths
  • Display received depth data on Echo panel (via Received DBT/DPT).
  • April 2013 update: WM-3 Sirius Weather Module compatibility (USA only)
  • April 2013 update: Added PGN129041 - AIS AtoNs (Aids to Navigation) support. Will now display AtoNs when interfaced to a compatible AIS receiver that transmits the PGN.
  • April 2013 update: Added PGN129809 & PGN129810 - AIS Class-B Static Data support
  • December 2013 update: Added support for BSM2 software version  1.7.0

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Release Date December 2013
File Size 70 MB
File Format UPD