Jess Sams win for Simrad proteamers

February 21, 2018

Congratulations to Simrad proteamers Tom Laurence, Chloe Laurence and Mike Bonnici for taking out Champion Boat Tag and Release and Champion Angler in the 80th Ulladulla Jess Sams Tournament.

After a comendable effort, the team’s final marlin tally was 15-14-9.

“Our Simrad electronics played a huge role in our win. The target separation and definition offered by the new NSS evo3 and S5100 module meant we could clearly identify which schools of bait were under attack by hungry marlin. On several occasions we could even see the marlin on the sounder racing up through the water column towards our baits, making for some incredibly exciting fishing!” – Chloe Laurence. 

Marlin rising out of a giant mass of bait. The dark colouration of the return indicates how tightly packed the bait is with the predator nearby.

Another big predator stalking the edge of a tight bait ball.


Now that's a thick arch!

Rising from the feed layer.


Coming up hot!