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Top Tuna Fishing Tips - Part 2

September 30, 2016

In the second part of the "Tuna Tips" series, Hooch outlines a few insights on rigging, lures, and the technology you should use so that you'll have an advantage on the water.

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Michael and Hayley Bonnici Goes Fishing

September 15, 2016

Husband and wife duo Mike and Hayley Bonnici share their passion for fishing in this video.

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Top Milestones in Dane Radosevic's Fishing Journey

August 30, 2016

Dane Radosevic shares how his love for fishing developed and gives some insights on how passion plays a role in helping him become a successful angler.

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Top Tuna Fishing Tips - Part 1

July 30, 2016

In the first part of the "tuna tips" series, Hooch from Team PENN Simrad talks about practical preparations that will help you catch Southern Blues or any type of tuna successfully.

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Using "Bird Mode" in Halo Radar for the First Time

June 28, 2016

George Poveromo shares his first experience with the Halo radar “Bird Mode”.

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Chasing Tuna in New South Wales

June 22, 2016

Chloe Taylor talks about how to find the right waters and troll a mix of lures to catch tuna in NSW.

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10 Tips for NSS evo2

June 15, 2016

Get the most out of your NSS evo2 unit by checking out the tips outlined by Luke Ryan.

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Cabo San Lucas Fishing Trip Report

June 08, 2016

Luke Ryan travels to Cabo San Lucas in Mexico to go after roosterfish.

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Top Features of GO XSE as told by the Band of Brothers

June 03, 2016

The range of high-quality features of the GO XSE combo units surprises Anthony Raco from the Band of Brothers.

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StructureScan as Explained by Luke Ryan

May 25, 2016

Luke Ryan talks about how you can distinguish a good fish from bait by using StructureScan.

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