NSS evo2 Software Update

We are pleased to announce new software for the Simrad series of multifunction displays.

New Features

New Software Naming Convention 18.2

Previously, software versions have been device specific e.g. a GO7 could be have a version number of 4.0 while a NSO evo2 could have a version number of 7.0, even though the software has the same features.

This causes confusion as to what products have what features.

From now on, software from the same feature stream will have the same version number, irrespective of model.

The new version number is made of the year and the sequential release number in that year. In this case for this version,18.2 means that it is the second release for 2018.


Color Marker & Color Erase (NSS evo3, NSO evo3, NSS evo3, NSO evo2 only)

There are two new echo sounder features. Color Marker and Color Erase.

Color Marker:

Allows the user to change selected colors that appear on the echo sounder and change to a color of their choice

Color Erase:

Allows the user to remove unwanted colors from the echo sounder

The new features are accessed under Menu>More Options

Note: Only the colors above the sea floor are changed in the image.

Note: Use carefully, some color changes can hide obstructions and other objects.


Minute Marker

Minute marker feature appears at the top of the echo sounder. Minute Marker is a strip of alternating black/white dashes that represent one minute of time. 


Chart and Feature Unlock purchase from the MFD

C-MAP charts can now be purchased from the Gofree shop on the MFD and downloaded directly to the SD card in the MFD Purchasable features such as Halo Velocity Track can now be purchased and unlocked from the MFD (only in $US)


Improvements to Mercury Integration

  • Updates to support latest engine models.
  • Mercury feature unlocks available for purchase direct from the display.
  • Added Steering Angle display on the main page (all products except VV403).
  • Improvements to the sidebar Autopilot & Vessel Control user interfaces.
  • Fixed an issue with the Reset button not working in the Performance tab.
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect Speedometer scaling in some situations.
  • Fixed an issue where joystick reversing camera would not display correctly in some situations.


Bluetooth Phone Notifications

Compatible MFDs that have built in Bluetooth can now pair with a mobile phone and allow incoming text messages and caller id to be displayed on the MFD.


Evinrude Engine Integration

Simrad MFD can display Evinrude engine data if there is an Evinrude G2 Engine Control Head is available on the NMEA 2000 network,

Once an Evinrude control head is detected:

  • An Evinrude icon is added to the home page - select it to display the engine instrument panel. You can customize, which data is displayed on the instrument panel. Refer to the operator manual.
  • An Evinrude settings dialog is added - use this dialog to change engine settings.
  • An Engine icon is added to the control bar - selecting this button opens the engine controller.
  • A maximum of two control heads and four engines are supported


Yamaha Integration Improvements

Following the introduction of Yamaha engine integration in the previous Simrad software release, this version now has the following extra functionality:

  • A CL7 Gauge not required as an unlock: Completely gauge-less (with Yamaha gateway 6YG-8A2D0-00-00)
  • Tank calibration (Easier fluid level sensor setup)
  • Engine Trim calibration
  • Fuel Flow
  • Alarm Config(limit setting/on/off)
  • Fault Code Reporting
  • Maintenance intervals
  • Multi-language support




We have made changes to the demo mode to enhance our ability to demo key features at retail including:

  • UI change on Settings > Simulator menu: Demo mode is changed to Retail mode
  • Turn on supported features automatically in Retail mode like Radar, Echo, StructureScan, StructureScan 3D, ForwardScan, Audio server, Autopilot, Time Plot, Race Instrument, Mercury Engine, Suzuki Engine
  • Support using demo script/demo files on external storage
  • Disable popups like software updates notifications when demo is on
  • Show a 10-sec countdown before resuming demo
  • Support showing velocity track in Radar simulator
  • Support Audio server simulating
  • Showing sensible value in TripIntel page when simulating
  • An option is now available for a user to select when notified that there are software updates
  • A Halo radar when shown in a split screen (Radar+Radar) should now show Head A and Head B by default. Previous version used to show Head A and Head A
  • Support for Fusion Ethernet radios
  • WIFI Interface improvements



  • Phantom Loran position can be set in the instrument panel
  • Fix for RMC sentence missing time stamp
  • Radar overlay transparency control not working with Insight charts
  • Missing voltage setting in Auto pilot setup on AC12/AC42
  • Problem setting depth and temperature source over NMEA 2000 when a TotalScan transducer is connected to an NSS evo2
  • Fix for incorrect true wind angle in certain circumstances
  • An issue has been fixed where the audio/autopilot control bar did not display correctly on an NSO evo2 connected to some 4:3 ratio monitors
  • Some users reported MFD not coming out of standby. This has now been fixed.
  • A fix for some reports of NSS evo3 and NSO evo3 randomly restarting

Simrad NSS

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Version 18.2
Release Date September 2018
File Size 139 MB
File Format upd