Fish Like The Pros

The S5100 high-performance CHIRP sonar module delivers true simultaneous coverage of up to three different depth ranges, resulting in high-resolution coverage across multiple ranges, making it the perfect sonar solution for offshore sportfishing anglers.

Mix and match your favorite transducer coverage and transmit power for wide and narrow beam-widths to reveal more fish, detecting small and tightly spaced fish and identifying thermoclines — or adjust specific CHIRP frequencies from 28 to 250 kHz to precisely target specific depths producing big, crisp arches with clear target separation.



Sonar Super Users Speak Out

We asked six seasoned Skippers for their thoughts on the importance of sonar and how the S5100 performs.


"I can put the high CHIRP at 30 fathoms to chase tuna and low CHIRP on auto to follow the bottom no matter what the depth is. It really makes things a lot easier to have the multiple channel sonar in a split screen to watch different areas at the water column for different purposes."

Captain Billy Maxwell, Tuna Fever Charters, Outer Banks - Oregon Inlet
With over 24 years’ experience at running charters off the coast of the Outer Banks, Captain Billy Maxwell knows what it takes to make a successful charter trip.


"The difference in CHIRP is clearly in the picture clarity and changes the game. Distinguishing between bait and fish targets below the boat and out to the sides, it is such a bonus for my clients, I am a better angler. It is knowledge we have not had before."

Captain Greg Eklund, Cloud Nine Charters, Islamorada, Florida
Greg has been at the front of the charter fishing fleet in Islamorada for years. He has also fished in 42 different countries in the Atlantic, Indian, and Pacific oceans.

"When I leave the dock in the morning, I know the equipment is going to work properly.  You always have to have another spot. With this sonar module I know I can find them all day long.."

Captain Robert "R.T." Trosset, Key West
No captain is more synonymous with or renowned in Key West than Trosset, who for 43 years has been guiding anglers to catches that include 193 IGFA world records 


"Swords are my clients most sought after fish.  Being able to read the bottom in a 1000, 1500 even 2000 ft. of water on the Continental shelf, the S5100 has been a total game changer for my charters"

Captain Nick Stanczyk, Broad Minded, Islamorada, Florida 
Nick is an active charter boat captain and is in countless publications, T.V. shows, and documentaries.  He runs the Broad Minded 37’ Freeman as a pioneer in daytime swordfishing.

"The S5100 capabilities to see low, medium and high CHIRP channels on the same machine - to show everything in the water column, to hone in to what is happening with the bottom, mid-section and to surface is proving itself not only to perform well, but is easy to use."

Captain Mark Henderson, Liquid Fire Fishing Team, North Carolina
A championship SKA (Southern Kingfish Association) tournament team for more than 12 years. Mark and his family team travel across the Southeast in chase large king mackerel. 


"I can stick it out longer knowing those targets are there.  In 1500 ft. setting up for a drift with all the confidence in the world that what I was seeing on the display is what I am going to catch. "

Captain Chris Trosset, Reel Fly Charters, Key West 
Chris has ultimate angling knowledge of how to catch all kinds of offshore and inshore fish in Key West and the Dry Tortugas. Whether it is kingfish, black tuna, or black grouper, Chris catches the biggest fish you have ever seen