MO Monitor Software Update

RELEASE DATE: April 2018

We are pleased to announce that new software has been released for the MO range of widescreen monitors. This release incorporates some important improvements.

Fixes and Improvements

  • Improved Dimming control
    Monitors now have increased control of the backlight at lower levels of brightness when adjusting via the NSO evo2 or vai the SimNet dimming group. Previously the incremental brightness change was to corse.
  • Green hue when displaying some 3rd party video sources
    There has been a few field reported issues of MO monitors showing a green hue when displaying some 3rd party input sources.
  • Power control
    A change has been made in the way the MO monitor behaves when set as a “Remote Power on Slave” and is controlled by an external voltage on the remote power on wire. The monitor can longer be turned off by the power button when in slave mode but instead will go to Stand by. This behavior matches other Multifunction displays.
  • Input source now retained after power cycle
    When powering on the MO monitor, it now remembers the input source that the monitor was set to when it was last powered off.
  • Color adjustment in the OSD
    An issue on the color control panel of the OSD has been resolved. User color control option have been removed when either of the fixed color options are selected.
  • Video clipped on the right hand side of MO19 and MO24
    Some users of MO19 an MO24 monitors have reported the right hand side of the video been clipped or missing when using inputs Video 3 and Video 4. This issue has been fixed in this release.
  • Fix for touch screen problems in hot weather.

MO Monitor

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Version Bootloader 11_0_00_00, MCU 1_5_03_00, OSD 2_0_04_00
Release Date April 2018
File Size 2.2MB
File Format .swup (once unzipped)