R3016 Radar Control Unit

Part # 000-12188-001.

The Simrad R3016 is a dedicated radar control unit with integrated 16-inch widescreen display, compatible with a range of Simrad radar solutions including Halo™ Pulse Compression, Broadband 3G™/4G™, and HD Digital Radar. An ideal safety and navigation accessory for offshore cruisers and sportfishing vessels, the R3016 offers versatile flush or bracket-mount installation options and intuitive keypad based operation for reliable control in all conditions.

Key Features

  • Dedicated radar control unit
  • Compatible with Simrad Halo™ Pulse Compression, Broadband 3G™/4G™, and HD Digital Radar systems
  • Automatic tuning system
  • Anti-sea-clutter technology for an optimum picture under adverse weather conditions
  • MARPA target tracking
  • 16-inch HD widescreen display
  • HDMI output for an optional secondary display or remotely-operated ‘clone’ station
  • Keypad and rotary-dial interface with 8 direct-access menu keys
  • Bracket and flush-mount installation options
  • Ethernet, NMEA0183 & NMEA2000 connectivity
Where To Buy

    Dedicated Radar Control Display

    The R3016 radar control unit offers a professional-grade interface to Simrad Halo™ Pulse Compression, Broadband 3G™/4G™, and HD Digital radar solutions. Designed to match the modern styling of Simrad glass bridge displays and instruments, this dedicated radar display is a perfect complement to your NSS evo2 or NSO evo2 multifunction display system. Maximise your radar’s utility by adding its own dedicated screen and controls, without compromising on a clean and consistent helm design.

    16-inch Widescreen Radar Control Unit

    The R3016 features a high-definition 16-inch widescreen display, providing a large and detailed radar picture that’s perfect for navigating crowded marinas and waterways, searching for birds to find your next fishing spot, or watching far-off weather cells develop. The widescreen layout offers ample display space for alarms, indicators and target tracking information, and makes it easy to use your display’s on-screen menus without hiding the radar picture.

    Rugged Design with Flexible Mounting Options

    Designed meet the needs of offshore cruisers, sportfishing and commercial vessels, the R3016 supports flush-mount installation in a console or dash, or bracket-mount installation with an included gimbal bracket. Watertight rear connectors mean the R3016 is IPX6 water-resistant from all sides, in either type of installation.

    Keypad Operation with Direct-Access Menu Keys

    The R3016 is operated by an integrated keypad and rotary dial. Direct-access menu keys beside the display operate adjacent on-screen menu options, for quick and intuitive access to key settings and features. With reliable, long-life operation and clear tactile feedback, the R3016’s large buttons are suitable for use in rough seas, while travelling at speed, and with wet or gloved hands.

    Networking & Expansion

    The R3016 Radar Control Unit connects to compatible Simrad radar systems via Ethernet, offering simple installation and easy networking of multiple control units and radar systems. The R3016 also provides four NMEA 0183® ports and NMEA 2000® connectivity for compatible devices such as heading and speed sensors, AIS, and GPS.

    HDMI Output for Display Mirroring

    Connect a Simrad MO-series marine monitor or other compatible display to the R3016’s HDMI output to create a secondary radar display mirroring the built-in screen. Add a second non-interactive radar display at another station, or combine an extra display with the optional Simrad O2000 wired remote to create a fully functional ‘clone station’ ideal for dual-helm vessels.


    Product Height 260.1 mm / 10.24 in
    Product Weight 4 kg / 8.8 lb
    Operating Temperature -15°C to +55°C / 5°F to 131°F
    Product Width 455.5 mm / 17.93 in
    Product Depth 82.3 mm / 3.24 in
    Water Resistance IPX6
    Specified Standards CE, RTCM SC112 Radar for non-IMO vessels, IEC62252 European small craft radar Class A (Pending Approval)


    Screen Brightness


    Languages 40 languages


    Power Consumption 20 W
    Power Supply (Supply Voltage) 12-24 V DC


    Display Resolution [pixels x pixels] 1366 x 768
    Display Size 16-inch widescreen
    Display Type 16-inch LED-backlit Colour TFT LCD

    4x NMEA0183, 1x NMEA2000, 1x Ethernet

    1x HDMI output (Supported resolutions: 1366x768)

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